RobotPy WPILib v2262 released [unofficial]

Hey, I’ve ported over the latest release of WPILib over to RobotPy, and I’ve attached the binaries of the release. This is the unofficial release of the WPILib package for the unofficial python interpreter for the cRio.

My RobotPy git repository (which includes various utilities also) can be found at

Note that this version of WPILib only had one code change in WPILib itself (this does not include changes to the underlying cRio image), and it only affects the I2C/SPI accelerometer, so you may not need to upgrade. But you’ll definitely want to upgrade the cRio image if you use NetConsole.

This includes some vision related stuff from Peter’s RobotPy trunk, but I haven’t tested any of that yet, and since he hasn’t released it I’m not sure if it works. Buyer beware. (588 KB) (588 KB)

Hi virtuald. I found a bug in your script:

About line 184

    if len(args) == 1:
        robot_host = args[1]

should be:

    if len(args) == 1:
        robot_host = args[0]

In other words, if len(args)==1 there will be no args[1]