RobotPy Xbox Controller Package With Logitech Dual Shock?

Hey Chief!

I have been reprogramming some code, and I am interested to see how one would go about programming a logitech dual shock in a MagicBot robot. I am not sure if I can use the Xbox class, or somehow use the Joystick library.

I have begun to use the general human interface device library. Can I do this? Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t know of a Logitech Dual Shock controller, and Google doesn’t seem to either. What controller are you referring to?

Either way, if it’s an XInput gamepad, the XboxController class will be fine.

Sorry, it’s a Logitech Gamepad F310. It isn’t related to Xbox, but Logitech instead. Will it work?

Button mappings will likely be slightly different. Experiment.

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Oh certainly. Unfortunately I have been working from home the past few days, so I could not test them on a functional robot.

Yes, it should work, our programming lead used one yesterday at drive practice. For finding button mappings and testing if all the buttons work, I highly suggest using this:

I found it a few months ago while trying to use Arduinos as gamepads, and it works really well.

If you keep the F310 in XInput mode, the button mapping will be identical to all XInput gamepads.

Thanks! I will investigate more tomorrow!

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