Robots arm outside of the bumper

My advisor was wondering a few questions.

What if an arm is outside of the robot’s bumper, and it accidently hits another robot on the field for example the opposing alliances robot by turning. Which after hitting it damages the other robot. Will the robot accidently doing this deed would get penalized? If so what kind of penalty red or yellow?

What if the robot did it on purpose?

What if by accident, or by purpose the robots arm gets damage for hitting the other robot accidently, or purposely?

This is sort of puzzling because after the match begins if you have anything past your bumper you increase the risk of damaging parts of your robot.

Lastly on are robot are claw is around 5 feet and is pointed up so we are in the bumper restrictions, but later it rotates to be able to pick up tubes from the feeder. After the rotating of our claw it is out side of the bumper perimeter.
What if a team rams into our robot and hits our bumper 5 feet under our claw will the team get penalized for hitting us?
(Since there inside our frame of the robot)

There would be no penalty for momentary, accidental contact. If there are any deliberate attempts to damage a robot (as per the judgment of the judges) it’s a yellow card, if repeated, a red card. ::rtm::

Most of those questions will depend on the ref and on what exactly is happening.

  1. Accidental hit to opposing robot: Provided you aren’t inside their frame perimeter, it’ll almost certainly be incidental contact, no penalty. If it’s inside frame perimeter, but does no damage and is accidental, most likely no penalty.

  2. Intentional hit to opposing robot: <G48> doesn’t really say, except for the case of damaging or intentional contact inside the frame perimeter, which is a penalty plus a yellow (also note that if it’s egregious, yellow or red could be pulled). Probably OK otherwise, but watch out for <G48>.

  3. Your robot’s arm takes damage from the contact: The damage is your penalty, along with whatever else you get (see above). If it’s obvious that your opponent is trying to damage it, they might get a penalty/yellow card.

  4. An opponent comes under your arm and hits your bumper: No penalty. They’re not in your frame perimeter. They’re inside your playing configuration, but that’s not a penalty.

In other words, you’re probably OK unless you’re doing damage to an opponent’s robot. But, I’m not a ref, I’m not on the GDC, and CD isn’t an official source, so your mileage may vary greatly.

Please read <G48-B> and the accompanying blue box. It shows a continuum from no foul to YELLOW CARD.

<G48-B> Deliberate or damaging contact with an opponent ROBOT or HOSTBOT inside its FRAME PERIMETER is not allowed. Violation: PENALTY and potential YELLOW CARD

High speed accidental collisions may occur during the MATCH and are an expected part of LOGO MOTION™. ROBOTS place mechanisms outside of the BUMPER PERIMETER at their own risk; no penalties will be assigned for contact between two such extended mechanisms.
A ROBOT with a mechanism outside of its BUMPER PERIMETER may be penalized under this rule if it appears they are using that MECHANISM to purposefully contact another ROBOT inside its FRAME PERIMETER. Regardless of intent, a ROBOT with a MECHANISM outside its BUMPER PERIMETER that causes damage to another ROBOT inside of its FRAME PERIMETER will be penalized.
Repeated or egregious violations of this rule will earn the offending ROBOT a YELLOW CARD.

At Waterford, our robot took some abuse from defensive robots on Saturday. Our claw took a few big hits from other robots and also from the pegs. Luckily, our latest claw iteration is more robust than we thought. No penalties were called on teams that hit our claw, whether they were hitting us purposely or accidentally. Basically, make sure your end effector can take the abuse and/or drive cautiously. Our chassis driver started driving more cautiously when other robots got in our face and I would retract our arm as often as I could.