Robots@CNE 2020 - Virtual Edition!

Hello Everyone!

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we couldn’t run Robots@CNE program at the Canadian National Exhibition as we originally planned this summer. :frowning:

This year was planned to be a record setter, running events for all 18 days of the CNE! We planned to have STEM showcases and interactive exhibits throughout the week, including all levels of FIRST in it ensuring that there would be something for any age!
On each weekend we would be hosting separate 3 day FRC OffSeasons, each crowning their own Robots@CNE Champion!

That said, the CNE is producing an all new free CNE at Home experience from August 21 – September 7, 2020!
As such, we’re expanding the FRC Offseason virtually and will host an online FRC Simulator competition across all 18 days!

We’ll be running the competition with the structure as follows:

Mondays to Fridays 11AM – 7PM:

Open Lobby - Anyone (public included) can join and play matches in the simulator to get ready for the weekend competition! Matches will automatically start when there are 6 people!

Saturdays & Sundays 11AM – 7PM:

Competitions! The team/player (public included) with the most wins by the end of each day will be crowned a virtual Robots@CNE Champion!

We’ll be streaming all the matches on Twitch at

Server Info
Simply use the “Find Servers” button in the XRC Simulator Software (v5.0 required) and select the one listed “Robots@CNE - Server 1” during the competition times listed above.

Depending on interest, we may add another server to allow more concurrent players!


With regards to the sim - are there going to be any special rules for this competition?

Hi all,

Just wanted to say that a dedicated community for the xRC Simulator(which includes FRC Sim) already exists and we play virtual matches every day!

We also play 6-mans, which is a way of playing the game where people queue for matches and submit scores using a discord bot, the ranking are based from the elo system as well.

The link to the xRC Sim Discord server is
6-mans takes place in the Fantasy First discord server:

We’d be more than happy to teach people how to play the game as well as the current metas for the game! We also run several competions using the sim and have a rulebook made, let us know if you want a link to it.

Best of luck in these virtual competitions!


Currently undecided, if there are going to be any, we’ll post here!

We’ll be using the standard SRC rules during the weekend competitions only, and no refereeing during the weekday practice/scrimmages!

We are live! Come join us! has all the info!

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