Robots@CNE 2024

We’re excited to announce the return of the FRC Offseason at the Canadian National Exhibition!

Robots@CNE 2024 - FRC

Robots@CNE is back at the Ex for FRC teams! FIRST Robotics Competition teams past, present, and future, are invited to play in the first Ontario Off-Season event for the 2023-2024 season. Whether you officially registered in the 2023/24 FRC season or not, this event is open to teams of high school participants Grades 9-12. Unfortunately this year we do not have any prize money due to budget constraints.

When: Friday, August 30 – Sunday, September 1, 2023. All matches occur 10AM – 6PM.

Friday is load in and filler line practice matches - similar to a district event. This was done to help teams with mentors with working 9-5s.

Where: CNE Gaming Garage
What: 2023/24 Season Competition Legal FRC Robot

Registration Cap: 30 Teams

Registration Fee: Initial registration is the price of one ticket. After the CNE confirms registration, the primary team contact will receive a unique code to purchase up to 29 additional single-day passes at a corporate rate (enough for 10 team members per day of competition).
Additional team members may purchase standard rate CNE admission passes in advance of the fair, or at the gate. There is no

We’re running pre-registration while the CNE gets their ticketing system up and ready for the year, and will follow up with coaches once it’s live!

Team Registration:

Volunteer Registration:


This looks awesome! I’m going to see if I can convince my team to go!


All signed up to volunteer! Can’t wait for the event!

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Would love to see if any USA teams would consider joining the event.


Will this be the year we finally see an American team to come and play?


Is there a team list or schedule yet?


I would love to volunteer but the link isn’t working for volunter registration.

Not yet, but once the registration link for the cne side is ready, we’ll post it!

The volunteer link on the site works, try again?

Playing in the past?! Teach me your time-traveling ways, Jamie!

You’re the first to notice it, my copy paste every time fails somehow lol!

@JamieSinn do you know when the team list for CNE will be released? We’re planning around bringing a second robot, and it would be nice to know before we get too deep into the work.

All teams should have received payment links - once we have confirmed that a team has purchased at least 1 ticket - we’ll be adding them to our confirmed list.

We do expect to have a full 32 teams - your second bot included! So you’re welcome to bring it!