Robots Going Into Opponents' Alley

Hi everyone,
I can’t find any rule that says a robot cannot go into the opponents’ alley. All I see is that if the opponent is in their alley and touches you, you get a foul. What do you guys think? Am I missing something obvious? Will this come up in Team Update 1?

There have already been a number of threads on this topic, but no, you’re not missing anything; entering your opponents’ alley will be legal as long as you don’t contact an opponent’s robot while there.

If you’re in your opponent’s alley and you see an opposing robot coming towards you, RUN.

Wow. I just realized there isn’t a penalty for entering the opponents lane. That means a defensive bot can block a bridge as long as it doesn’t make contact. My plans are foiled yet again!

Note that the exception for forced fouls does apply here, so if you want to get to your feeder slot, and there is an opponents robot in your way, it is within your rights to give them a penalty for being in your alley.

Also, you get a penalty for touching the bridge no matter what.

A defensive bot can block the opponent’s lane, sort of. You can park yourself at the end of their bridge, thus making it difficult for them to get off the bridge. Just don’t contact the bridge.

A defensive bot can be in its lane and block a bot from getting to the bridge. But, for what purpose? The other team can’t touch your bridge (g25).

If a robot is on its bridge and you attempt to block them, they simply need to touch you in order to draw a Foul on you, so that strategy won’t really work.

It is actually impossible to play defense on a robot coming off of the bridge:

Robots may not touch an opponent Robot in contact with its Key, Alley, or Bridge.
Violation: Foul; Technical-Foul for purposeful, consequential contact.

This rule applied at all times, no matter who initiates the contact, see [G44].

Defense =/= Shoving.
Defense =/= Contact.

I don’t disagree with either of these. But I have to say, if I’m the robot on the bridge and you’re a robot in my way within 1 robot-width of me, defense definitely does equal contact. I’m interested in where you’re planning to play defense in order to avoid this?