Robots in the Outback - help needed

Hi everyone!

If you haven’t read theinitial threadon Robots In The Outback (RITO) go check it out.

We have slowly begun registering teams and planning our trip out of the city. A massive thank you to 1678, 4561 and 4911 who will be sending mentors for 2+ weeks of build season! Also a shout out to Scott of 2465 for agreeing to be a technical adviser from afar.

Unfortunately, we will only be able to spend 2 days with each team. The plan is to have a driving robot on day 1 and start on the “something” their robot will do on day 2. After that, we will have to move onto the next town to make sure we get everywhere before stop build day.

Here’s where we need your help; we would like to pair a veteran team with each RITO team to be a virtual presence. If your team is interested, please fill out this Google Form.

Thanks in advance for your help in transforming the Australian Outback!

I would say we could help out via virtual link from Pittsburgh, Pa but it looks like your looking for teams from your local area to help out? If you ever need any help from afar Team 1708 would love to help.

We’re looking for teams from all around the world to help out! For the majority of RITO teams, their closest FRC team will be 2+ hours away and another rookie team. Please complete the form so we can match you with a team.