Robots Make their Way Into Libraries


New School Librarian Is a Robot**

[Associated Press]
There will soon be a new librarian at work at Valparaiso University. This librarian won’t get any days off because it’s a robot. About half the library’s collection is being been placed in steel bins, so robotic arms can fetch the books 24 hours a day. The robot limbs will drop the books off at a station where the human librarians can pull them out.

It’s just one of the many modern features the Christopher Center for Library Information Resources will offer. The four-story, $33 million building will have plenty of computer and study space, large classrooms, a cafe and four lounges with gas fireplaces.

“The building is very high-tech,” Rick AmRhein, university librarian, said.

The current library has 450,000 books, but the university hopes to have as many as 600,000 in the new one.

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