Robots that enter a match unoperational.

I was thinking about this earlier, thought I might post this, I didnt find it in the rules.

Teams A, B and C in an alliance. Team A is not in working condition (meaning cannot drive). Team C has space for lifting a bot.

Can team A start the match already lifted by Team C… This would allow the alliance to atleast get the points for lifting team A without their participation.

I understand that this is one of those weird situations but I wanted to know if anyone had seen anything about it. BTW this is in qualifying matches not elimination matches

i personally did not find any place about designated starting spots this year

Section (rules <G26> through <G29> contain the rules for starting positions. Unlike some previous years, you only need to start in your home zone, there aren’t 3 specific areas to start in. To summarize, you need to be in the home zone, placed without alignment devices, and be the correct starting size and orientation.

I think it’s easy to see that the last three would be satisfied by placing your robot on another teams, so it comes down to whether a robot not touching the ground in the home zone is still in the home zone. We have precedent from <G56> that a team is in the home zone even if they are lifted.

So, while I believe the rules as written would allow your scenario, I would still ask on the official Q/A forums as this is a case that the GDC may not have considered.

That’s actually a really good question, whether or not the robot is operational or not.

Can you start the match already on your alliances robot? :slight_smile:

Hmm… sounds like a question for the GDC…

That shouldn’t be legal because you are already interferring with another robot. The lifting other robots isn’t in effect until the end game part of the teleoperated period. Wouldn’t that be stupid because you would then have only one robot on the alliance capable of scoring on the rack.

Heh. I’ll just enter a VEX robot with an FRC CPU on it. At the beginning of a match we’ll just stick it on top of another bot, and hold it in place with wire ties. It might generate more points than some other TDRs I’ve seen…

In the elimination matches, you can replace an inoperable bot on your team with the next highest seeded bot, I’m not sure about qualifying though.

Nope, doesn’t apply in qualifying (unless, of course, you’re at Mission Mayhem).

What they could do, if robots can in fact start on each other, is rush a FlowerPotBot through inspection with the absolute minimum of components required to pass (batteries, main breaker, RC, team numbers, schools, sponsors, flag holders, etc.), then place that on a functioning robot. Or, even then, have someone grab the robot and lift it with their regular arm.

I don’t think you could start that way because the robot that is working would be over the starting limits because the other robot would be considered part of that bot and weight and size would be over limits.

Hmm, that is an interesting question. Though as someone mentioned before, this game does not designate three starting positions like in the past, so it may be a possibility.


Alright, this one got me to pull the Q&A password out of my pocket–we’ll see what the GDC has to say.

thats a good question but the only thing is that what somone said earlier is that would mean that 2 robots werent doing anything the whole match so would it be worth it to have that couple of extra points for the lift while loosing alot more in the ringers. :confused:

first of all, would your robot be able to go the whole match carrying another robot and still be operational enough itself to place ringers. i think it would be better to just get through the teleoperated period with the disfunctional robot in the home zone, and during the end game get your robot to lift it so you still get the points and the points from putting the ringers on the rack