Robots vs. Humans

Every year I often wonder could elite teams beat humans in the game? Safety aside I think humans could win the majority of the time. Only ones in my time that I think robots could win would be Ultimate Ascent (full court shooters give robot advantage, and Logomotion just based on need to be tall)

Well one advantage this this years game is the lack of defense and alliances being seperated. Id love to see some offseason events in which the game was played with 3 robots vs 3 humans. Humans can bring their own canbuglers and even attempt to win that battle. I think it would be very entertaining and possibly a pretty close match.

We were having the same debate on our team recently too, we also thought this was one of the first times that robots would beat humans, there is no possible way any human could be fast enough to grab the center cans from a bot.

Ha that would be interesting. I actually think robots would win this one because people can only really carry one or two totes at a time and it would be hard to cap six stacks, plus they could only grab one can at a time for canburgling.

That was actually something I liked about this game, the robots can’t be easily beaten by humans. I know I would have trouble carrying around a stack of 6 + container.

All i can see is our last year tank breaking bones like it breaks walls :yikes:

I think that humans could probably win 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014. 2013 would be close, and I think the best robots could easily win this year.

You realize 2014 is just basically a distorted version of regular sports, right? No chance that robots would win Aerial Assist, especially considering the fact that humans can essentially dunk the ball for a high goal and gaining the points from a catch over the truss would be simple rather than extremely rare.

Sorry I fixed it: 2014 and 2015 should be switched.

Are the robots allowed to play contact defense? :rolleyes:

That’s what I call Aerial Assault :cool:

Do humans have to follow the size and weight limits?

We’ve considered this one extensively:

2015 - Robots win. Humans lose canburglar battles and can’t carry many big, heavy game pieces at once.

2014 - Robots win. Humans are good at catching but have fragile ankles.

2013 - Humans win (maybe). Humans have no problem with the pyramid, but can’t throw frisbees as fast or accurately as good robots.

2012 - Humans win. Humans can balance and shoot baskets no problem.

2011 - Robots win. Humans are short and lack minibots.

2010 - Humans win. Humans can control a soccer ball.

2009 - Robots win. Humans can’t store many game pieces or easily pull a trailer.

2008 - Humans win. A human can run around the track and throw the trackball quickly.

I don’t know enough about older games to evaluate human performance.

I agree with all but 2014.

I doubt any human could defeat 71 in 2002, any of the tall stackers from 2005, 148 from 2008 (In laps anyways), or any of the top teams from 2009.

A few people and myself were actually talking about something along these lines a few days ago. Our idea was basically humans vs robots but with humans trying their hardest to take down and reset stacks/the field before a match was over. Noodles would be caught mid-air or they score.

While our idea was more of an “ultimate field reset” than humans vs robots stacking, either one still seems incredibly fun.

Wanted to add: you can DEFINITELY pick up a 5-stack and at least push a 6-stack. While neither is advisable, it can happen pretty easily if you’re determined to not make two trips back to the field!

At first I would have said humans for 2014. Humans would break many bones though so I have to agree.

This would a fantastic match to see at various off-season events. Just remember your safety glasses. One question though, would humans be allowed to catch thrown litter and throw it back?

Either way, I feel that humans would win due to speed. 3 humans could work together to make a capped 6 stack at a time in under 10 seconds. That’s 13 stacks.

Off topic: From my experience to add to The President of the Universe’s post

2005: Robots win. Humans would have trouble capping large stacks, especially the center goal

2004: Humans win. Hanging would be a problem for humans, unless you got some tall people. Capping would be simple for a human to do but herding would be more difficult. Since humans players were the primary scorers any way, humans have the advantage.

2003: Humans would win, because they could make a stack and protect it fairly easily. The king-of-the-hill though, I want to say humans but there were some powerful robots with low CoGs in that game.

2002: Humans by far…unless they’re up against 71, then the Beast would take it.

2015 would actually be pretty close. It shouldn’t be that difficult for humans to score every tote on the field during the match so they would still be able to put up massive scores even if robots got all 4 cans every match.

20 + 8 + 4 = 32 auto points should be really easy to do for humans
3 cans + 18 totes +3 noodles = 3 x 42 = 126 points also relatively easy to do for humans
52 remaining totes = 104 points humans should be able to consistently get all the totes on the field scored including upside down and totes on the step
a good noodle thrower should be able to score 5 of the seven remaining noodles = 20 points
Total = 282 points scored by humans consistently which so far would beat most robot alliances if multiple matches where played

If someone is willing to sacrifice their body and is insanely quick a person may be able to win a can which would then pretty much guarantee victory for humans.

If it’s full contact I think robots may take it every year. No way in heck I’m getting in front of this

However, I bet some humans would run towards a stack as the time ran out so they would drift into it and knock it down;)