Robots with Ramps

This poll has been taken a few times before, yet I would like to take it one more time to see what the final outcome is. Does your Robot have some type of a ramp for lifting robots off the ground? I hear some teams scrapping their ramps and others adding them. Obviously things have changed since the beginning of build season; weight, design, strategy to name a few.

your build has remained the same from the begining one large ramp bot simple and the only way to go this year play defense and lift at the end

How much room does your ramp have? Space for 1 or 2 robots?

Our robot has two ramps that each can have one robot to get the max points. Does your robot have any?

At the Duel in the Desert there were two robots with lagre ramps capable of holding two robots. Our concern was that ramps would “flop down” with great force at unexpected times. Will ramp robots face stiff inspections? There were some heavy duty “flops”!


we also have 2 ramps. along with a manipulator for the ringers and spoilers. unfortunately, no autonomous for us, but maybe we can get one in the last 3 days?

Asumming that we do not experience a major failure our robot should ship with a ramp. We also have a manipulator arm for scoring tubes. One of my personal worries is that some teams will not build their ramps with any error room. We are lucky though, our ramps only go up 8 inches and then two 2" diameter pistons( 300+ lbs of force) lift a robot the remainder of the way to 12".