RoboWarriors 41: Drive and Lift Videos

After weeks of having our robot driving, we are finally ready to release our original test drive movie, which is available on YouTube and right below this. This was our first test drive ever, and our build team and program team really pulled through to meet our strict deadlines. Some technical difficulties have delayed some progress afterwards, but our robot is flying down the road to victory. This video proves several things. One, Team 41’s bot is insane! From speeds greater than 12 meters per second (almost 30 mph!) to rapid acceleration and near-instant deceleration, we will literally blow by the competition this year. Second, this video shows how we might need some more friction, with our three-foot turning radius being interrupted by video game-like drifting on the dusty waxed gym floor, but for our first drive, it was pretty sweet. Lastly, this video shows our major improvements over last year’s first drive, which is also available below. Check back this weekend for our lift that expands from 4 feet to over 8 feet in just seconds, capable of lifting our soon-to-be-completed gripper, and the ball, along with extra weight if necessary.

Here’s the video:
2008 Test Drive Video

Our lift and claw video will be available sometime this weekend. These videos are weeks old, and we have improved on some of the issues since then. What do you think?

Here are some close up pictures of our bot, (unofficially named “Talula”) and some other sneak peaks:

Also check out our website, and its iPhone compatible for those on mobiles.

We filmed some more video today, including 5 minutes of robot-mounted footage, and it will be uploaded tonight, so check back later for that.

Good luck all teams!!!

P.S.- can anyone decipher the 4th picture? FIRST gives hints, and so do we. Except ours usually mean something… :cool:

Some more pictures…


that is really cool, a independent steering and direct drive to all 4 wheels. But i can see a big prob, there is a bump in the middle of the field that is like 1/2 inch high.


Nope, not a problem. We’ll have tiny shocks on the axle. If it can drive around our shoddy gym (which it does), then it can go over any terrain! We haven’t had a problem yet.

ah I didnt see the shocks.

I don’t know if we have them in those photos. We also have just enough clearance, so thats not a problem.

very unique drive train, very cool.

Independent steering I can see will be a big advantage in this years competition.

12 meters per second?? Don’t you mean feet per second. Sure looked like it from the vid.

Sweet robot, I love the control board. May I ask how the steering wheel is programmed? If you turn it slightly, will the robot wheels turn slightly? Or is the steering wheel just like a switch?

It’s not a switch. It mimics a car steering wheel. How we did it, I can’t tell. :smiley:

Helloooooo form the NE:D
Looks great super low chassis and a very nice drive set up, How fast is the bot, and you will need lots of drive practice. Good luck this year and always from team 88 TJ2 and MOE :yikes:

Oh, and yeah, that is 15 FEET per second, not meters! Sorry about that! About 11 mph.

that is a nice robot. it should do very well because it is able to turn without a hitch. i wish our team could figure out how to use that steering wheel. that would be soooo cool

TELL ME!!! I’m 1405’s driver and I would looooove something like that.

I’ll pay you!!! In chickens. Good, low mileage chickens.

How many chickens? But seriously, no, I’m not allowed to tell.

Don’t make me play the gracious professionalism card!!!

JK I understand. I’ll talk to the programmers now that I know its possible. Maybe they’ll figure something out.

Either that or they’ll yell at me (programmers are mean).

Well if you just had a nice potentiometer and a nice method of smoothing the movement of the wheel for better control, you could turn basically anything you want into a steering wheel.

We have a potentiometer but the electrical team told me no.

I’ll try again, thanks.

My question is when are those Lift Videos coming out, are they out already?