Robowrangler 2017 Off-Season Robot

The Robowranglers are proud to present our 2017 off-season robot. This is the 16th off-season robot the Robowranglers have designed, and we call it X016.

This robot was fully designed in SolidWorks by two of our veteran students and we are very proud of what they have accomplished! X016 has given our team the opportunity to teach our rookies the Robowrangler way before FIRST Power Up begins.

X016 will be competing in The Remix this weekend in Houston.

CAD for X016 can be found here:

Thank you to our sponsors, Greenville ISD, Innovation First International Inc., and L-3 Mission Integration.


That’s one really focused machine! I hope someone shows mercy on those of us without easy CAD access and gets lots of photos and pictures at The Remix. (How else will we find the surely-hidden nonagons?)

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We’ll make sure to get photos to add to our Mechanism Library

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It looks like you’re using the shoulder screw technique to hold your intake roller thunderhex shaft. We tried that this year, and while it was really convenient for maintenance, the left side screws needed red loc-tite before they stopped unscrewing themselves. Do you experience the same issue?

We used that method as well and only needed blue loc-tite and to make sure we really tightened the bolts. We used it on our intake, shooter, etc.

This is an issue with essentially any screw-based retention method for holding a shaft in place. Either the screw is actively compressing the system axially, or it is being repeatedly shocked as the axial play shifts between sides of the shaft, and in either case a lot of force is trying to back that screw out. Red or at least blue loctite is required for this method to be successful, and periodically checking these screws should be part of any prematch checklist.

I’m not sure how many people know about this, but I’m a huge fan of Autodesk’s online CAD viewer.

Is this something that can be embedded in an existing team website web page, to allow viewing of models directly in a browser? Am I understanding correctly?

Is this one also small enough to fit inside 121?

How did y’all manufacture all of those aluminum pieces? Were they water jetted, laser cut, or machined?

They made this great video a while ago.

I’m kind of surprised no one sells a 1/4" thick, 1 1/16" ID bearing holder with tapped holes. Something like this. That would still let you drop out a shaft, but wouldn’t have the same unthreading risk. You could even make an eccentric one if you wanted to adjust belt tension.

(sorry for the derail)

Most systems would be hard pressed to find the space for that. One of the big advantages of the shoulder bolt method is you get to use small bearings. The screw tightening wasn’t that big of a problem once we made just to double check we had loc-tite on every bolt.

Have you weighed this thing? It looks very light!

I don’t think it can be embedded. It just lets you upload CAD files and look at them through your browser.

That’s quite the robot!

Congratulations on being first ranked and winning The Remix!

Awesome performance today at The Remix, great job, great team, and safe travels home.

I saw people carrying it around 1 handed. And it looked very light on their climbs.

Great job 148! It’s incredible to see such an overall simple design concept executed so well and so compact

Left handed shoulder screws are available on McMaster. As long as you’re primarily running in one direction, they should work.

What was its official event team number in TBA?