Robowrangler 2017 Off-Season Robot




After X016 hit the field for the first time we renamed it Bolt! Bolt is very light and only weighs 61lbs.

This season 148 had no issues with the shoulder screws. We applied blue loctite once and didn’t have any problems.


Brendan, not to derail the thread more, but are these what you are looking for?

Admittedly they are hard to find with their specific names, but you can use them anywhere.


Those could work, especially am-0862 (the modulox plate) which is the right bore for standard hex bearings. It’s a heavier solution then the shoulder screw (or passing the shaft completely through the side plate) but might be worth it for ease of assembly and piece of mind. Hmmm…

Back on track, congratulations 148 on an amazing performance with this robot! It’s funny how differently teams might solve the game problem if they have a second kick at the can.


I love it! Looking at other peoples similar designs to what we built this year is awesome!


Just wondering, does this robot have encoders anywhere on the drivetrain? I couldn’t spot any in the CAD but maybe I missed something.

Also, was belting the front omnis a necessary design decision? If so, why?

Did you guys have any problems with defense while driving this robot?



Is that 61 lbs field ready or 61 lbs without bumpers and battery?

This looks very similar to a dream robot I had early in the season with the goal being 35 lbs per inspection criteria. That would have put it somewhere between 56 (9 lbs bumpers + 12 battery) and 67 (20 lb bumpers and 12 lb battery).


Bolt is 61lbs field ready!


Are you guys are using Mini-Cims for the drivetrain and gear intake and 775 pro’s for the climber?


It looks like it. Looks like 4 mini-cims on the drivetrain and 2 775pros on the climber.


Bolt appears to the the Caterham 7 of the FRC world :slight_smile:


Woah! I love it, we used a similar bot this year and it worked wonders.