Robowrangler Slack Emoji Pack


Since 2016, the Robowranglers have used Slackfor team communication and organization. Like many Slack teams, we have customized our implementation with a set of unique emojis.

In the spirit of succinct, single-image, meme driven communication…
The Robowranglers are proud to post our collection of custom Slack Emojis.

Find them on our Downloads Page.

We are happy to make this resource available to the FRC community!
Enjoy, and Happy Memeing.




The latest in a long line of fantastic resources from 148. It’s incredible to see how much the community has improved through your graciousness.



I appreciate your dedication to a unified meme-based response system. As I get older it is becoming harder to keep up with the “dank” (Did I use this right?) memes the kids are using now. Being able to now use the same memes at home as I do at work really eases my burden and makes me feel in touch.


That’s awesome!

It’s missing the Wil I Am :tsimfd: one :slight_smile: