Robowranglers 2016 Season Recap

After a fantastic 2016 season consisting of four blue banners, the Robowranglers would like to share our 2016 Season Recap video. We are extremely proud of our students and mentors, and the thousands of hours put in to this season to make it as successful as possible.

We would also like to take this time to post our previously unreleased reveal video of our robot, Renegade.

Thanks to everyone who made our 2016 season a great success including teams (but not limited to) 231, 5726, 2848, 5057, 3683, 5032, 1678, 364, and 2990!

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Is there a reason you chose not to release (the really good!) reveal video before?

Love the videos, the attention to detail on all of the footage you shot throughout the season really shows. Great 2016 season Wranglers!

love this robot - it’s so unassuming sometimes; not as flashy as 971 or 1678. and then it’s downed 10 high goals with 40+ seconds still left in the match and you just sit there, flummoxed by how well optimized the design is

Amazing video guys - sent chills down my spine.

Our run on Hopper/Einstein will be something I, and our team, will never forget. Thanks for helping us make our year awesome.

Congrats on a successful year and an amazing robot. I really liked the music selection for the recap and it really came together as one solid, polished video.

Awesome Video.

Just to confirm,
You ran 775 pros in your drive train right?

There are not enough words to describe how amazing 148 was this year. It was truly a pleasure to have gotten to know your team when you came up to the Waterloo Regional. Congratulations once again to Adrienne on her well deserved WFFA and for your three other incredibly dominating banner wins. By far one of the best robots in the world, which only seems fitting for a world class team.

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No they ran CIM’s through VEXpro ball shifters.

3310,1296(prior to CMP), 16, 3360+ maybe more ran 775pro drivetrains

Any more details around the climbing mechanism? This was seriously one of the coolest robots to watch from the stands in St Louis. Great work 148! I hope we get to play together again next season.

Okay well this picture confused me then.

Colsons and un-powdered sheet–Prototype?

Two gorgeous videos from one of my favorite teams to learn from.

Congratulations on a wonderful 2016, Robowranglers!

Great team, robot, and video(s) as always!

I’m really intrigued by your frame this year… essentially a WCD, but with what looks like an entirely sheet metal frame. Will you be posting CAD of your robot this year?

This is something similar to what 2826 and 2415 have done around 2012 or so, but with 148’s own tweaks and twists on it. I particularly like the two nesting pieces that creates a whole “tube” shape without any seam in the middle. I will definitely be taking a very close look at this design for future iterations of GUS drivetrains… This drivetrain is really cool!

If I recall correctly, 148’s had cantilevered wheel drivetrains for at least a year or two - 2015 was similar, I think? Not sure.

Easily one of my favorite robots of all time, congrats on the great season.

One of my favorite parts of St. Louis this year was when we went to the practice field and were sent to the spot right next to 148’s robot. It was really cool to see it up close, all black and in its glory. I was happy to hear that they got to Einsteins after our run on Carson, and I’m glad to see they did so well on Einstein. Congrats on a successful season, Robowranglers!

The drivetrain looks like a variation on their X009 project. There’s a design log with links to CAD here.

This season we decided it would be more beneficial to put our focus into making sure our robot was prepared for the upcoming competitions. As a result, there were certain choices we had to make regarding a reveal video. It was more important for us to create a smaller scale video for our open house.

Hopefully in the coming weeks we will be posting 2016 Renegade CAD.

Our hanger is deployed by pneumatic cylinders. Once the cylinders deploy, a bottom linkage hyperextends then locks in place causing the bottom versa tube to extend out. Next, 30lb gas shocks deploy the top versa tube and latches on to the tower. Our hanger is winched up by a 775pro which is attached to the drum. The straps that pull Renegade up are weaved through the drum and connected to the hooks at the very top of the hanger.

During the build season we designed a prototype drive train. This drive consisted of 2 775pro motors on each side of the drive. Through testing this prototype we decided to go with 2 CIM ballshifters because we felt they would be more reliable to handle the tough circumstances of Stronghold. Also from this prototype we saw that we needed to change from #25 chain to #35 chain for durability.

As much as I loved the beautiful robot action and slow-motion swaggering, I’m really curious as to what that trumpet and saxophone quartet was about. Does anybody know the story behind that, or better yet, have a recording?