Robowranglers 2018: Uppercut

The Robowranglers are proud to present our 2018 robot, Uppercut. We will be competing at the Dallas and Colorado regionals, and the World Championship in Houston. Hope to see you there!

Congratulations to all teams for getting through build season and good luck in the upcoming Power Up season!

Thank you to our sponsors, Greenville ISD, Innovation First International Inc., and L-3 Aerospace Systems.



Wow, that climb tho.

I love it. Simple and elegant, as is the norm for these folks.

Awesome robot! I think my favorite part about the design is how you use your robot as a counterweight as you lift a partner.

Let me eat your bot and then ill lift you up easy. Well done

What’s the plan for grabbing partners who have large bumper cut-outs (like the AM corner bumper kit) or only mount their bumpers with a few loose screws?

Great robot 148! Ninja crew will be busy beefing up bumpers. Everyone wins!

I love the “this is fine” plushie!
It accurately sums up my emotion whenever a robot (or multiple) is being lifted by another in this game. :smiley:

Anyways, what an incredible machine!

Honestly wanna be lifted by you guys rn and was that also a teaser at 3310


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My favorite part is the robot intake. First robot intake in FRC? Definitely not the last.

Not picking those teams in alliance selection?

I mean, I’m sure that 148 and whichever teams work with them in eliminations will assess and change bumpers as (or if) necessary. I was more so curious about any contingency plans (aside from “use levitate”) during qualification rounds.

Will it be easier to help a team without a drive-forward auton get one coded, or just grab with the robot intake and go?:rolleyes:

While everyone is admiring the bumper-grabbing climber, I want to just note how 148 got every aspect of the elevator robot exactly right. They can go under a minimum height scale and score on top of cubes on top of a maximum height scale.

The “Robot Wrangler” is killer and ingenious, but all the little details on the cube scoring end are what impresses me the most.

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This thing is amazing. When professors at ND ask what FRC is, I always go to teams like 148 to show them what the peak of this competition can be. The climber and Robot-Wrangler is definitely unique, and also elegant. Thanks for pushing the envelope and challenging the rest of us to do better.

??? they can use the robot intake to drag all the good robots from south champs to north champs ???


The magic sauce of the intake, the bit that forces cubes to rotate up, is really cool.

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