Robowranglers 2020 Intake Questions

Hello, my FRC team is planning on redesigning our 2020 robot for practice. While conducting research on intakes, I came across the Robowranglers 2020 intake. Specifically, I am interested in the prototype intakes because they seem reasonably simple and lightweight.

I am referencing the intakes at 0:22, and 0:23 in their 2020 recap video.

It appears that they are using 1/4 polycarb and a falcon 500. However I do not know what type of rollers they are using. In addition, I wonder how the intake is attached to the frame so that it can “flop” up and down.

I would really appreciate any insight or ideas to help better understand this intake.

Thank you.


They’re using VersaRollers with surgical tubing.

Take a peek at the application examples to get a better idea how they’re likely constructed.

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You can take a look at the First Updates Now’s Behind the Bumper video on their robot

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