Robowranglers 2023: Blackout

The Robowranglers are happy to unveil our 32nd robot: Blackout

Team 148 is ready to Blackout the Fort Worth District Event this weekend, and the Amarillo District Event in Week 5.

We look forward to seeing everyone at events, and wish everyone good luck this season!



Clean and powerful machine. Excited to see this machine perform soon!

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That is sick!!! I soooo look forward to seeing it in person!!! Best of luck to Y’all!!!

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Nice robot, but as a great fan of your robot reveal for many years, where’s the rest ?


Haven’t you heard? Short reveal videos are in fashion this year.


Reveals in general have been sort of disappointing to me this year. All I want to see is a real-time video of a robot picking up a piece, driving it over to the grid, and scoring it. One camera angle, one shot, just show off the robot you made!

That being said, I am excited to see another classic 148 robot this year!


Unless it’s 1678. I want the censored teasers. It’s their brand. I hope they dont opt for the short vids in the future.


Aka the TikTok trend? YouTube shorts too. Apparently nobody has time to watch even a 2-minute video these days. Clearly as things get shorter and shorter, pretty soon we’re going to just be looking at one frame… oh wait, that’s a photo!


254 mastered the short reveal video back in 2019:

Back to the topic at hand, 148’s robot looks incredible and I can’t wait to see it in action


Even earlier than that.


I don’t believe that was a true reveal, but a reveal of their climber. That video was uploaded 3 weeks after their first event in 2013.

That being said, they had a short true reveal the following season. Barrage Reveal - YouTube


Seems like there’s plenty of short reveals this year. I look forward to seeing what 148 can do on the field!

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