RoboZone Episode #118 - Infinite Recharge Lessons Learned from Week 1

In this episode, I speak with Kyle, Cory, Clinton and Brandi about their experiences from Week 1 of the Infinite Recharge Competitive Season. Team Rush and the EngiNERDS formed a formidable alliance which won Blue Banners from Kettering 1 and provide their input on strategies that were used to accomplish their Win! We also discuss in detail the impact thus far from the “No Bag Rule”. With Team 2767 and 2337 prepping for Week 2 in St Joseph District event Cory, Clinton and Brandi inform us how they are preparing for a quick turn around from Week 1 to Week 2.

Interview Participant:
Kyle Hughes - Team 27
Cory Walters - Team 2767
Clinton and Brandi Bolinger - Team 2337

Episode Link:

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