RoboZone Podcast Episode #044 - Week 1 - Design and Strategy

In this episode, we change our format up and introduce new ongoing segments FIRST Updates, Team of the WEEK and soon to come to a new segment called the Rookie Conference Call. The main subject of this episodes involves a roundtable discussion on how local FRC team handle the Design and Strategy of their robot for the Power Up game!

If you have any feedback on our format change, want to nominate a team for the week or perhaps you would like to be interviewed for the podcast please reach out to us on social media or send us an email at! We hope you enjoy this episode of the RoboZone Podcast.

FIRST Updates Segment:

Design and Strategy Round Table Attendees:
John Wolfert - Team 1506 - Metal Muscle
Don Ridge - Team 1506 - Metal Muscle
Jon Uren - Team 1684 - The Chimeras (ky-mare-uhs)

The Team of the Week:
Team 118 - Robonauts - Houston Texas

Soundcloud Link:

Just listened to this episode, very well done.

Is there a RSS feed for this podcast, I’d like to get notified in slack of new episodes.

Edit: If found it.

Another great episode! Always fun to hear how other teams approach the game and their design philosophies.

One thought on the production side of things, I personally find it distracting to have the chip-tune music playing in the background the entire podcast. For the introductions it might be nice, but once it gets into the main discussion I found that it detracted from the content.

Thank you for the feedback