RoboZone Podcast Episode #078 - Its ALL about that SWERVE!


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Episode Description -
In this episode, we have an interview panel that has extensive experience with the Swerve Drive that is all the rage in the FTC and FRC games of the past, present and future. Jerry, Kyle, Jack and Aaron all provide a description of the their experiences with the SWERVE drive and the benefits, limitations and how to prepare a team to use a swerve drive.

Interview -
Jerry Culp - Team 2767 - StrikeForce
Kyle Albrecht - Team 3536 - Electro Eagles
Jack Saxman - Team 3707 - TechnoDogs
Alex Hogge - Team 3707 - TechnoDogs

Western Michigan Clinic -

Team 2767 White Papers:
2017 white paper:
2018 white paper:


I get that Robozone likes to focus on Michigan, but it might have been interesting to get some out of state teams to comment on this (such as 1323 or 16).


While I agree, the way RoboZone is funded might stipulate a Michigan-focus. Typically state grants tend to work that way.


Does anyone know if the cad files for 2451’s motor-in-wheel swerve are still available? I’ve found a couple links to it on here but they seem to be locked behind a username/password now.


WOWZER! Thanks for sharing! That’s heavy weight full of good information, opinions and advice!