RoboZone Podcast Episode #107 - The Falcon 500 and other new Goodies!

Episode Description -

In this episode, Jon and Scott provide their first impressions on the release of the new Falson 500 Brushless motor and how they are going to test these as soon as they have them in their hands. The group also talks about new additions to the ongoing list of releases for products that FRC teams can use now and in the coming season. If your team purchases any new products we would like to get you on the podcast to provide your valuable feedback and experiences. Also, if you would like to win an AndyMark Anniversary T-Shirt be the first to email me at and provide me with your address the 1st two individuals to do so will get a snazzy AndyMark T-Shirt!


Jon Uren - Team 1684

Scott Stap - Team 5084