RoboZone Podcast Episode #125 - FIM Top 20 - Team 1918 - NC Gears Interview

Episode Description -
In this episode, we check in with John and Kim for our weekly Go Pro Corner segment. We also start the series of FIRST in Michigan Top 20 Teams interviews with Wayne from the NC Gears!

In the upcoming weeks we will be sharing the other interviews we did over the holidays with all of representatives of the FIM Top 20 Teams. This was a great first interview and please keep in mind that there is no certain order for the interviews nor the Top 20 Teams for First in Michigan.

Go Pro Corner Segment - Sponsored by Kettering University:
John Wolfert - Kettering University FIRST Center
Kimberly Schumaker - Kettering University FIRST Center

Wayne Tenmbrink - Team 1918

Link: RoboZone Podcast Episode #125 - FIM Top 20 - Team 1918 - NC Gears Interview | STATE CHAMPS! RoboZone

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Great episode, I am excited for this series! Congrats on the honor of Top 20 team 1918, always a fun team to watch.

Pete this episode was awesome, I can’t wait to hear more from the rest of the top 20. Any idea on what the schedule will look like moving forward?

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@JackN and @mfbrechting I am working on releasing at least 1 of the additional teams that are in the Top 20 with each formal RoboZone Podcast Episode Release. Some formal episode releases may have more then 1 and that is strictly based on how the season marches on. We wanted to provide some content in the event that this season was not as active as season in the past. I am glad you are enjoying the first Interview of the Top 20 with 1918. RoboZone episodes are released on Tuesdays so we are just a couple days away from another interview!

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Awesome cannot wait! Got a few questions for you. The FiM top20 is… The top 20 most competitive year to year? Top 20 from 2019? Top 20 “Overall Teams”? Who made the list? Is the list public?
I’m not critiquing, but looking at it as “Bulletin Board Material” or potentially Goal setting material.