RoboZone Podcast Episode #130 - Kettering BattleBots Team and FIM Top 20 Team - Las Guerillas

Episode Description -
In this episode, we take a break with no Go Pro Corner Update but instead I had the privilege to interview the Kettering University BattleBots Team. Next up an amazing FIM Top 20 interview with Marjie Jenkins from Team 469!

Kettering Univeristy BattleBots Team - Sponsored by Kettering University:
Luke Fenstermacher
Howard Bartlett
Devin Spaulding

Team 469 - Las Guerillas:
Head Mentor - Marjie Jenkins
Team Sponsors -
3D PRINTING AT cyb Llings Inc.
Ford Motor Company
General Motors
State of Michigan
BAE Systems
Kabir’s Prep
The Dobrusin Law Firm, P.C.