RoboZone Podcast Episode #139 - KU Battlebots Update and FIM Top 20 Interview - Team Robostangs 548


Episode Description -
In this episode, we catch up with John and the Kettering Battlebots Team on their progress to becoming an official Battlebots Team and what they have been up to since our last interview. In addition, we interview Robert from Team 548 as part of our FIM Top 20 Interview series!

Kettering Go Pro Corner Update:
John Wolfert
Devin Spaulding
Nick Lipcsik
Howard Bartlett

FIM Top 20 Interview:
Robert Stonik - Team 548

Team Website:
Team 548 Sponsors:
Ford Motor Company
SIEMENS/Electro-Matic Products
State of Michigan

I loved the series thus far, great work!

Wanted to know how the Top 20 was selected and Top 20 what, Chairman’s (overall), Competitive, well known? Voted, if so by who? I am not trying to critique just curious.

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