RoboZone Podcast Episode #142 - Kettering Kickoff History and FIM Top 20 Interview - Team GEMS 4362


Episode Description -
In this episode, we catch up with John and Special Guest Bob Nichols from Kettering University to talk about the history of Kettering Kickoff which will happen again this September on the 18th and 19th. In addition, we interview James from Team 4362 as part of our FIM Top 20 Interview series!

Kettering Go Pro Corner Update:
John Wolfert
Bob Nichols

FIM Top 20 Interview:
James Garrett - Team 4362

Team Website:
Team 4362 Sponsors:
CSPA - Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy
CS Partners
Fog’s Pub
Kalitta Air
59 West
Static Controls Corporation
Leading Edge Cutting Solutions Inc.

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