RoboZone Podcast Episode 159 - Kettering RI3D Team and Strategy Dictates Design with an EngiNERD

Episode Description -

In the 1st Episode since the announcement of the Rapid React game we get an update from John and Kim for the Go Pro Corner Update sponsored by Kettering University. We get some hot takes and overview of the Kettering RI3D Robot from Nick and Kirsten from the Kettering RI3D Team. In addition we take about how Strategy Dictates Design with Clinton Boliger form the EngiNERDS Team 2337. Huge amount of information in this episode so get your notepads out and a pencil for some valuable notes.

Kettering University GoPro Corner Update
Kim Shoemaker
John Wolfert

Special Guests:
Nick Lipcsic/Kirsten Smith - Kettering RI3D Team

Video Link:

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