RoboZone Podcast Episode 163 - FRC Manipulators for 2022 Game with Teams 3847 and Team 95

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Episode Description -
In this episode, we speak to members of Team 3847 Spectrum and Team 95 The Grasshoppers to talk about their approaches for the 2022 Rapid React game and their robot designs. We cover Intakes, Indexing and the Climbers that each team has now developed and implementing to get ready for their Week 1 events in Rapid React. We also talk about the Open Alliance and the importance of information sharing between teams in a format the helps inspires students to learn from other teams then their own. This episode was jammed packed full of information and I would like to thank Allen, Mason and James for coming onboard!

Kettering University GoPro Corner Update
John Wolfert

Special Guests:
Allen Gregory, Mason Abrell - Team 3847 Spectrum
Instagram/twitter/facebook: @Spectrum3847

James Cole-Henry - Team 95 - The Grasshoppers

Open Alliance Discord:


Are they not getting posted to Spotify anymore? I just gave you the first rating yesterday!!

FRC95 2022 Build Thread - FIRST / Robot Showcase - Chief Delphi

Ana and I had a great time, thanks for inviting us!

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We are working on uploading the audio episodes to spotify.

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