RoboZone Podcast Episode 164 - Prepping for your FIRST Event with a Merry Band of Mentors

Video Link:

Episode Description -
In this episode, we speak with panel of mentors about prepping your team for our FIRST event in the 2022 Rapid React season. We cover topics from Scouting, Batteries, Drive Teams and Student Behavior for events. These is a treasure-trove of information within this episode so make sure you have a pen and paper to jot down some notes!

Kettering University GoPro Corner Update
John Wolfert
Kim Shumaker

Special Guests:
Kyle Hughes - Team 27 Team Rush
Jon Uren - Team 1684 The Chimeras
Cory Walters - Team 2767 Stryke Force
Clinton Bolinger - Team 2337 The EngiNERDS


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