RoboZone Podcast Episode 180 - Charged Up Week 3 - The Chassis is Moving Baby!

Episode Description -
In this episode, our interview panel provides their reactions to the release of the Charged Up 2023 FRC Competitive season. We discuss in detail the Swerve chassis and its application for this year’s game. Defense will be a huge part of this game and the panel discusses how import defense will be! The panel also provides some input on where teams should focus their efforts for this week in the Charged-Up Season! Don’t forget to watch the video series that FIRST in Michigan has on YouTube covering the Everybot Build for the 2023 Charged Up Season.

Interview Panel:
Bruce Stone - Team 302 - The Dragons - Team 302 - The Blue Alliance
Ed Wynne/Mark Faunce - Team 3536 - Electro Eagles - Team 3536 - The Blue Alliance

Links mentioned in the recording:
FIRST in Michigan Everybot Build Video Series - Virtual Robotics Studio - Video 1: Introduction - YouTube

Audio link:

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