RoboZone Podcast Episode 188 - Charged Up Comp Week 2 in Review

Video Link: RoboZone Podcast Episode 188 - Charged Up Comp Week 2 in Review! - YouTube β€” LIVE @ 6:00PM

Episode Description -
In this episode our round table discussion revolves around the Charged Up Game and experiences from Comp Week 2. The interview panel provides some input on what they had learned, how the game is evolving and what the Meta might be in the weeks to come.

Interview Panel:
Jay Tenbrink - Team 494/70 - Martians - Team 494 - The Blue Alliance
Ben Shoemaker - Team 3655 - Tractor Technicians - Team 3655 - The Blue Alliance


On the blue alliance page you are able to lookup stats for the event under β€œinsights” and scrolling down the page.
Lansing had 5 unicorn matches (4RP) which occured for all 5 sustainability RPs
Kettering 2 had 3 unicorn matches (4RP) with 5 sustainability RPs
Wayne State 2 unicorn and 3 sustainability RPs
St Joe 1 unicorn and 1 sustainability RPs

Week 3:
Belleville had 16 unicorn matches (4RP) and 26 sustainability RPs
Muskegon 15 unicorn and 21 sustainability RPs
Travese City 15 unicorn and 16 sustainability RPs
Standish Sterling 6 unicorn and 7 sustainability RPs
Detroit 5 Unicorn in 7 Sustainability RPs

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