Robozone TV is back for Season 3

Robotics Fans:
The worlds greatest FIRST Robotics television series is back again for a 3rd season. The show will be even bigger and better than ever. We have a total of 7 episodes planned, which will air each week all across Michigan on FOX Sports Detroit Channels. The first episode covering week 1 competition at Lakeveiw, Southfield and Kettering Districts shows Sunday March 12th at 9:30am EST. If you don’t live in Michigan or don’t get these channels, don’t worry, the episodes will be posted on the RobozoneTV Youtube Channel shortly after they air and will re-air several times a week on FOX Sports.

We are also doing a number of more detailed outtake discussions each week on things like strategy, gameplay, predictions, etc.
Some of the first few are up on our channel now, check them out.

As always, we make this show for the real robotics fans of the world. If there are discussion topics you want us to cover, just send me a PM and we will see what we can do.

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Excellent outtake discussions, Jim and Dan.

One minor quibble re: Dan’s description of the tech foul (G13) for contacting an opponent’s robot in their retrieval zone – the offending robot must break the plane of the retrieval zone to incur the tech foul; i.e., touching a part of the opponent’s robot that extends beyond the zone is not against the rule.

I misread that rule myself and answered the corresponding Referee Certification Test question incorrectly. No 100% score for me. :mad:

Along with Jim’s comments, RoboZone has a new podcast available which I am hosting for them. You can listen to the podcast, which we now have 8 episodes published, by using the links below:
iTunes: Search for RoboZone Podcast
Youtube: search for RoboZone TV

If your drive team, mentors or individual students would like to be on the podcast please send me an email at [email protected]

On behalf of RoboZone we are very excited to provide this additional avenue to provide content to everyone that is interested in FRC and FTC robotics seasons. We will be running the podcast throughout the year and new episodes are published every Monday night!

The RoboZone Podcast has published Episode #009 this morning:

Robotcs Fans:
Episode 3 of Robozone airs today at 9:30 AM on all Michigan FOX Sports Stations. This weeks epidsode features highlights from Gull Lake, Gaylord, Waterford and Escanaba District Competitions. If you don’t get these stations you can watch on, programs wiill be uploaded later today.

So is it too late to get our T-Shirt up in the background?

Where would I need to send one?

BTW, thanks for doing the show and keep up the good work!

same here about the shirts!!!

Could we be one of the shirt since we won one of the match against the Killers Bees and the HOT team in the Waterford semis?

Thank for putting this show together. It is awesome!

Episode #010 of the RoboZone Podcast is up and ready for download and listening! Please take some time and listen about FIRST!

I expect this week’s show will be interesting. Jim’s and Dan’s rankings are starting to diverge – probably this reflects differing views of how the game will play out at DCMP and CMP level, and/or differing experiences they had watching Week 4 play up close.

My own view is that FUEL is becoming more important, and that the better drive teams are learning to play smart defense. Auton and climbing are getting dialed-in also. “Go-for-4” vs. “3+D” strategies lead to different analysis of the same scouting data. Michigan teams are not busting the boiler in auton, yet. When they do, it will change tournament dynamics significantly.

Yes! I would LOVE to get one of our shirts up there!

The problem with such rankings is that especially this year, it’s impossible to rank teams that are playing different parts of the game at an elite level. Where should the best pure gear cycler rank among fuel scorers? Depends on whether you think 3+D or 4-or-bust is the better strategy. Should you rank teams based on how fast they climb? Depends on your prediction of how climb defense will factor in playoffs.

We just uploaded the 12th episode of the RoboZone Podcast and you can listen here: