Rochester Competition

Who will be at the Competition in Rochester this Sunday?

At the Univeristy of Rochester

I will, minus the grim reaper costume.

Probably serving concessions or whatever they need when I show up. People “signing up” versus actually being there on Sunday…unfortunately not always the same :ahh:

Im judging… shhh dont tell anyone!! lol.

Im so excited… there are going to be 15 teams running around with giant Harris Logos on their backs!!! I hope as a judge I have some time to take pictures!! Since I wont get to actually talk to any of our teams!

And by the way, this is an FLL event for those of you wondering “now what is going on in Rochester” :slight_smile:

I’ll be there with my team the Static Runners.
All of our matches are the last of each round.
Go figure.

they are out already?

I hope to be coming to watch in the afternoon.

Maybe we’ll get paired up together. Judging is a lot of fun. The little kids have so much energy. If you are in town & don’t feel like watching the Bills get crushed by the Chargers stop out to the U of R.

Oh jesh!

I better tell the kids to look out for you…

If you ever get really excited at a FRC event (a reghional or the world championship) ,then you just gotta also attend a FLL (Lego league) event.

The FLL regional in Rochester this past Sunday was soooo much fun. The teams, the parents & mentors, and the event organizwers including the Univ. of Rochester were totally “gracious”. Seeing the drive and inspiration in the younger kid’s faces is priceless. So, if you think you only like to play with big 'bots…go check out these pics.

ps: All of these teams were sponsored in part by one company (Harris RF Communications Division)…very nicely done!

It was indeed a great competition and was a lot of fun. The kids had a great time and did well for the first year. I look forward to the next competition i go to other then FRC which will be FVC in Pa.

Yea it was awesome…except for that annoying air horn