Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Gives Local FIRST Team Thier Own Spotlight

On their website photo album.
Look to the right side top of the page to Your Photos. Check under View for the Robotics link and enjoy.


Where are the Sparx pictures?

yeah i saw that and after someone mentioned it to my mom and i looked and saw myself and my teammates…and my newly official teammates of GRR!

You can trade kids to other teams now?

Now, Ed you know we did complete the pryamid the second time around. you just had to post the picture of us falling to our doom. I still blame Rhett for it because he did collaspe first.

haha no but we hang out alot(team 340,424, and 1126) so they have now officially adopted me on the team.

Well if you go to RIT you could truly become a member I suppose.

You want to be adopted too Ed?

It was Rhett and blame Merideth.
She picked out the pictures for this week!

if thats the case.
can i get traded to sparx,
They might let me do what i want!

I have too much to do on Mustard St.
Why are there o pictures of you, Jason?

Run rampant in the street?

how about a few kids from the Alfred area?:wink:

if your willing to drive to your desired teams somethings might be able to be worked out!:smiley:

Because I never do anything.:wink:

yeah rees everytime i am over there u are playing X-box with Shawn against those crazy 1511 kids! well only 1 time but u know! and even then u were making parts and such when we were supposed to be hanging out!

That’s part of his master plan so 1511 won’t get anything done!
He didn’t win a Woodie Flowers for nothing!

That’s not what the WFA submission said.

Well I should get one.
That’s the story of my life!:stuck_out_tongue: