Rochester, New York Team 3157 needs help

We are very excited to have been accepted off of the wait list to go to the St. Louis Missouri FRC Championship, but we need help to get our pit equipment and set up to the Dome in St. Louis to avoid having to ship it. Are there any local teams heading that way with space in any trailers for shelving, batteries, tool boxes, or anything else? It would be greatly appreciated if any teams in the Rochester area could extend a helping hand to our team. To contact me, email me at [email protected].

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I highly encourage you to reach out to 1511!

Cynette would be my first suggestion -

I passed your message onto the 1511 leads and hopefully we can help out in some way!

Thanks, Josh, for catching this quickly and spreading the word!

Stephen, we will definitely try to help!

Thank you for responding, members of team 1511, we have been awaiting a message over email. If/when you contact us we will figure something out. :slight_smile:

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