Rochester Professional World of Business Series

Yet another reason why the members of 1511 are crazy, and why I can never sleep!!

We have announced the Professional World of Business Series to the leaders of the Rochester teams, but I felt a broader audience could be reached here.

We decided this year that we wanted to show our high school students the “Other Side” of FIRST. Since FIRST teams run like mini businesses, there is a lot to them, and much that can be useful and taught in seminars outside of the FIRST program. At first it was designed to recruit students who might not be interested in the robot itself… but it grew, and now we want to invite all the area teams!

Harris Corporation, Local Professionals & Team 1511 present: The Professional World of Business Series!!

Check out our Trifold Pamphlet
And the Sign Up Sheet

If this series goes well, our idea would be to do a presentation at the Championships on how to run this series of seminars :slight_smile:

So if you are a student in the area and interested, PM or email me!