Rochester Remote Kickoff

The Rochester Remote Kickoff to be held at RIT has been officially approved by FIRST and has now been added to TIMS. That means that if you want to attend it, you can sign up to attend and have the kit delivered here. We announced the Remote Kickoff at the Press Conference held at RIT a few weeks ago but it took us a little bit to finalize plans. If you have any questions about it, feel free to direct them to me.

Matt Leese

Thanks for all your hard work Matt, If you need any help just drop me a line. I 'll bring my team.

Lets see school to Manchester 440 Miles Estimated drive time 6 1/2hours. Blizzard (you know there will be one) add 12-14 inches of snow. Using FIRST Scoring that’s a qualifying score of 13 hours. All right we’re in first place.

Now lets calculate school to RIT 15 Miles. Subtract the blizzard multiplied by the possibility to see Dean’s house & not getting to because you got to NH too late, a raw score of 20 minutes.

We still win.