Rochester Thanks and congratz


I’d like to thank our opponents in finals for playing the best matches at this regional. I’d like to quote 1507’s driver, whom I met on the sideline waiting for the decision of a very close final match. He said: “Hey, if we lose this, this is the way we’d like to lose.” They put up a real good fight there in the end. It was a pleasure playing you guys!

Secondly I’d like to thank and congratulate our alliance partners, 191 X-Cats and 494 Martians. First off, thanks to 191 for picking us. We mastered our strategy so well that by the finals, it had become almost second nature. A special thanks to your programmers for almost a 100% success rate on knocking down hanging tetras in autonomous. I talked to our programmers at the end and they were happy that our autonomous didn’t get used, because yours were so reliable. Finally, to the gracious professionalism you showed both on the field and on the sidelines. Whenever we needed you to do something on the field that wasn’t according to plan, you always pulled through. The cheering section for our alliance reved us up for every match, which personally helped a lot!

Lastly, and certainly not least, I’d like to thank our team.
Thanks to all our mentors who guided us through each engineering decision.
Thanks to my driver and controller, Yan and Alex. You two were amazing out there! There is no other drive team that I’d rather coach than yours.
Thanks to Nikki and her scouts, who provided our drive team with accurate and very useful intel before every match.
Thanks to Luke, our battery boy, who was always on the scene with a fresh new battery.
Thanks to the entire pit crew who kept this machine up and running for every match.

What a way to conclude my 4 years as a FIRST student. There is nothing I would rather do that would trump even a tenth of the excitement, energy, passion, teamwork, and perseverance shown at these regionals. So I’d really like to thank FIRST for opening my eyes to a world of science and technology and for fostering the best 4 years of my life!

We wish to thank you guys ( I was amazed you were still around for a second pick) and 494 (even for ambushing me and making me use my poor cracked voice to sing My Cherie Amore :rolleyes: ) .
I want ot thank 229 Division by Zero, 772 Club Snadwich and 1507 the Warlocks for the amazing finals battle.
I want to thank ALL of the Rochester teams for not only showing FIRST what we’re about but all of Rochester what FIRST is about!
I just want to thank the planning commitee for a great weekend and one of the best times I have ever had in my life. I hope this causes Rochester to make another 10 teams to bring next year!

Congratulations to all the teams at the Finger Lakes Regional. All the teams played well. A huge tanks to RIT and the regional planning commitee for a great facility and a well run show.
Congrats to the alliance of 191, 494 and 639. You really desevered this win.

Thanks John.
See you in Atlanta in April.

Shu said most of what I needed to say.

This was my second regional event as the head driver and winning it with a two time chairman’s award winner and the defending national champion was inspiring. It was very unlucky for 1507 to descore in the end, but it proved to be the most tense moment of the day and possibly the most exciting way to end it all.

I’ll try to get some video up soon. For now has awesome pictures.

Good job 639, 191, and 494. You guys had great playing strategies.

Congrads to the winning alliance and to the finalists. You gave us all some awesome matches to watch!

Thanks to the people who put this regional together and to everyone who had a part in carrying it off. I’m afraid to mention names for fear I’d forget someone, or just plain didn’t know about someone…but, everything was just great. The right people were in the right places at the right times. The food was good and reasonably priced. The team party was super! For the entire three days, everything went smoothly. I’d never guess it was a 'rookie regional". You were all pros at this.

Chuck’s coming beck to Rochester. The whole team agrees. (And from what I overheard, our sister team, 284, agrees.)

Not naming names, but those kids who flew in from the sunny west deserve a round of applause and thanks for their work to help make this regional successful. You were all helpful, polite, awesome! Thanks.

Cool! We’ll be glad to see you guys back again!

I would just like to thank all of the teams at the finger lakes regional it was an amazing expirence. I had an amazing time. I want to thank our drivers Mike and G Buck u guys kicked some serious butt. I would like to thank our programers for accomplishing so much in such a short amount of time you guys are amazing and i cant thank you guys enough. To our mentors who kept us going and made sure we had fun. Mrs. Martina and Kim thank you especialy for making this expirence such an amazing one. To our allience for putting up a great fight at the end. Everyone at RIT and the planning commite for putting such an amazing regional together. It was an exprience of a lifetime and i cant wait till Clevlend and Toronto. To all the teams going to nationals see you in HOTLANTA and thanks again for such a great regional from TEAM 1511 ROLLING THUNDER

A big warm Martian thank you to the X-cats team 191 for picking us and to Code Red team 639 for being such a super alliance partner! It was truly an honor and a privilege to work with you both, and to get to know you off the field as well.

Congratulations to teams 229, 772, and 1507: three fine teams that worked well together with solid robots that complemented each other very well on the field. You made this a very hard fought victory, which reflects the level of play at Rochester this weekend.

Thanks to the staff and volunteers who made the Finger Lakes Regional possible. The venue was well laid out, well lit, comfortable, easy to get to, and provided good food service. The staff and volunteers were both friendly and helpful. The team social was well organized with good food and age appropriate entertainment.

I would also like to personally thank the students and mentors of team 494. You make me proud to be associated with you. (well, perhaps with the exception of the Karioke performance…)

Jay TenBrink


Pfew, nice to get some sleep in. Long drive home from school, long trip to Rochester… twelve hours over three nights doesn’t do the body good. :wink:

On to the good stuff:
Congratulations to all the amazing teams in the finals! I have never seen such a wonderful - well fought out battle in my six years from the floor or from the stands. Midwest, Southwest, MidAtlantic, or New England areas - one of the best shows put on EVER! Congratulations to both the Champions and the Finalists!!!

To the individuals of Rochester, and the Regional planning committee. Thanks for one of the best Regional venues, best food, best entertainment, etc, etc, etc, etc. All I have heard is compliments and more compliments. I have been to Regionals that have tried for YEARS to get where you have in your Inaugural Event, AMAZING job to all! The Venue was easily accessible from the Interstate (the round-about entrance, was unfriendly to us southerners, :p)… pit traffic wonderful, and accessible from stands and playing field. Even though food was not allowed in from the outside, it was available from the school not just usual stadium overpriced vendors like most events. The team social was excellent, great food, the Band was wonderful, and I have heard from many that went to the Comedian that it was top notch.

all I can do to wrap it up is one shout out to all… UpChuck! UpChuck! UpChuck!
Tiny is a friend of mine and talks to the kids in school alot and he is an all around good guy. He’s very ideal act for FIRST to use. I hope FIRST invites him again.

Congrats to teams 191, 494, and 639. Those last few match’s were amazing. It was great competing against you guys in the finals. Thanks to teams 1507 and 772 for being such great alliance partners. That last match was close and i couldn’t be any prouder about how our alliance did. We played our game and things happened. Thanks to the Regional Planning Committee for putting together a great Rochester regional.

I must also take the time to thank Ken Patton, Karthik Kanagasabapathy, Paul Copioli, and JVN for all their help getting me through my first FIRST Regional as a driver. Without their help I would not have been calm enough to get out to the field, let alone drive in a match. I must also say that they are all amazing stategists.


I guess this is as good a place as any to thank Ken, Karthik, Derek and Paul for helping us out. These guys are champions, and they all took some time to help give 229’s drivers some advice and encouragement. Saturday morning we held a driver’s meeting, and Ken and Karthik told my guys everything they were seeing “from the sidelines” as well as tips for improvement; this was an incredible thing. The performance difference was noticible.

The may have even helped keep our coach, on his game. :wink:

You guys are all awesome. Thanks for helping, and I hope you had some fun “playing 229er”.

Drop by any time,

Thank you to Jeff Zampieron for putting together the team party. You did an amazing job! I know I thanked you in person, but I cannot say it enough. The kids on 340 kept talking about it yesterday!!

I want to send a congratulations out to the entire Rochester Regional Planning Committee. You guys put on an amazing show, especially considering that it was your first effort. Despite some uncontrollable technical difficulties, your event managed to keep the crowd and team energized all day long.

Teams 772 and 1547. It’s always great to see our GM of Canada teams do so well away from home. Congratulations on your wonderful performance and your well deserved awards (772 - Regional Finalist, Website; 1547 - Rookie Inspiration)

Jay and John,

Thanks for your kind words. It was my pleasure to help out where I could. Team 229 will always have friends north of the border. Good luck in Cleveland. You’ll be fine as long as you keep that Canadian flag on your robot. :slight_smile:

Keep the feedback coming! I will be making sure all input makes it to the ears of the planning committee!

I loved how many healthy choices there were, with respect to food and drink at the competition and would have liked to have seen something other than soda at the social. I was happy, however, that the food at the social was all “good for you”. :slight_smile:

On a side note, I thought our presenter (not sure what the official title is) was amazing – one of the best. I hope we have him next year!

-Id like to thank every team that participated and the planning committee and everyone involved for putting on a great show. Walking around you never would have guessed it was a rookie regional.
Congrats to 191 X-Cats, 639 Code Red Robotics and 494 Martians. You guys were the class of the field and you deserve the win.
-A special thanks to Code Red Robotics. You guys displayed the most gracious professionalism that i saw at the competition. I wasn’t happier to see you guys win.
-Also Congratulations to…
Wheres Waldo. A team of Canadian girls winning the Rookie Inspiration Award is absolutely awesome.(they can sing too)
-Team 250 for winning the Engineering Inspiration Award
-Team 1511, Rolling Thunder, without a doubt a very impressive rookie showing and well deserved rookie all-star award
-Team 1507,229 and 772, you guys made the finals very exciting to watch. All of you guys had great robots.
-Last but certainly not least, to Thunder Chickens 217 and Sie-H2O-Bots 237 for selecting us to be your alliance partners. We had a blast and hope to see you guys in Atlanta come April. :slight_smile: