Rochester Thanks and congratz

As 1507’s Coach, I’ll second that. The X-Cats, Martians and Code Red earned that victory and it was a close one at that. We’re proud to have played in such good company. Losing to such good competitors is no disgrace.

Our alliance mates, Division By Zero and Club Sandwich, were good partners and were glad to have played with them.

237, 217 and 340 were an awesome alliance too. Too bad we all can’t win.

Kinks in scoring and never enough time in the pits aside :slight_smile: , I thought the FLRC was great. Very well-run. When you consider that it was their first time, it’s even more impressive. The volunteers were all great.

FLRC is a perfect regional for us. We’re close enough to commute each day, which makes it less expensive to attend. That’s like having one more regional we can afford to do each year. I think it’s safe to say, you’ll see us there every year.

If you had all this fun why not have fun at the Rochester Off Season Comp. (hopefully) heres a link to the thread!

we need your input. thanks

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. It’s a team decision, of course, but it’s something we will definitely consider.

Last year, Team 378 went to IRI and had a great time. It ended up being mostly the core of this years Team 1507 that was able to go, so you can see how the experience paid off this year.

“Organize it - They will come!”

To: All who enjoyed the FIRST Finger Lakes Regional Competition,

The FLRPC would like to thank all the teams that participated in our inaugural event!

We want to thank all the teachers and mentors for all their time and dedication.

We want to thank all the team sponsors and our Regional sponsors, the RIT campus, and of course the RIT catering department.

We want to thank all the volunteers who made it all possible.

But above all we want to thank the students who showed gracious professionalism, good behaviors, and had a lot of fun. You are the reason we do this. You are the reason it is worth the time and energy it takes to put on an event like this. Thank You!

See you next year!

Ron Borden
Finger Lakes Regional Planning Committee

i can’t believe i forgot this before. thanks to team 22 from LA for coming out to our rookie regional just to help out. also thanks for the best robot design award it looks great! and we hope you like our GP award for you guys! thanks a bunch you helped make it run smoothly!