Rochester Update

Hey all, i’m in the pit area of my team at Rochester now.

A decent amount of tetras are being stacked (more so than the scrimmages predicted).

Autonomous mode is non-existant.* The best one (other than our teams) drove to the tetra and grabbed it.

  • Our team has been able to grab the tetra, drive to the goal, get over the goal, but has yet to stack it (All it needs to do is release our grabber, we’re debugging the problem now)

I’ll be back on later to answer any questions.

Anyone else care to give a recap of Day 1: Practice Day?

I see there are pictures at:

Good to see… And I hear that Team 237 is possibly going to have a live webcam set up at some point tomorrow… Hopefully early, so I can watch on my break and at lunch time…

How are the practice fields working out? How are they scheduled?
Is there a time limit?

Awesome pics Elgin! I really wish I was there now… is Paul the MC or a ref or what?

sooooooooo many days untill my competition. RRRRRRRRRRRRR can’t wait. Looking @ those pics makes me want to leave right now! Sweet pics Elgin. :wink:

Those are not my pictures, so I will take credit for finding them online, but not taking them and making them available to everyone.

That credit goes to Rochester FIRST.

Can anyone tell me how well the volunteers are? Or more specifically, the student ones because most of them are from my team.

The event seems really well organized, and the volunteers are most helpful. I love the machine shop people there!
The summary of the game is fairly accurate. Few people had auto as of 5:00 on Thursday, but we’ll see tomorrow. I’m very impressed with several of the teams, but watching them makes me realize what a tough challenge FIRST gave us this year. I’d say the average team probably gets 3-ish tetras per round, or 9 per alliance per round.

the practice field was a mess today. tomorrow will have rules; 15 minutes max at a time and only 2 bots out at a time. today there was average 3-4 and it is almost 1/4 the field so yeah a lot of no room and bots hitting people. yes the stacking of tetras has be amazing! and it is a lot of fun his year can’t wait till tomorrow!

Mike got his usually quality pics up on his site.
Good stuff.

More pics from Rochester.

how often did teams run the field and cap the other side?
what have the refs said about the loading zone?
Why am I not at one of these competitions yet?

how often did teams run the field and cap the other side?

Fairly often, though I’m not sure how intentional it really is. You just kind of go wherever you can quickly and cleanly, with rows coming as sort of a side-effect (for me, at least). Line of sight is critical! Non-agressive blocking was rampant, just by crowding a driver into lurching away and losing a tetra or something of the like.

what have the refs said about the loading zone?

They’ve been VERY picky. Make sure you have fringe!

Re: First Week Regionals Merged
we should start a chatroom… because this Q&A response thing is slow~ and ther eis alot of excitement out there~

so I’ll make one


FIRST Regionals” on AIM

come if you can – hit yourself if you can’t

And on that note, let’s keep this thread exclusive to new information, and things happening at Rochester ONLY please…


Good luck to all the teams attending. And someone keep us all informed, so we are not all on the edge of our seats constantly refreshing CD, or racking up a huge cell phone bill calling my team looking for news (which I will be anyways).

As far as I could tell, doing quite fine. I know that Wednesday there was some down time and they enjoyed playing in the snow outside.


I’m curious about how many people have an autonomous trying to cap the vision tetra. I saw a post in this thread about few with autonomous modes at all as of yesterday… has anybody been successful at all with a vision tetra yet? Good luck to all the teams!

Schedules out. 66 matches, 33 teams - 12 matches per team.

10 minutes till Dean’s on for opening ceremonies!

There was a rumor that 217 and 229 were going to consolidate their pits, as they are right next to each other. Is this true? If so… can someone post a pic?

Andy B.

From what I have been told over the phone:

Yesterday, 237 grabbed the vision tetra and drove over to the goal to stack it, only to have a code problem which didn’t let the grabber mechanism release the tetra over the goal. Arghhh… SO close.

Today, 237 has grabbed the tetra, and started to find the yellow and drive over to the goal, but the placement of the second vision tetra on the field has been a bad luck thing, and has gotten in the way of driving over to the goal in the 15 second time limit.

But I have faith in my team and they will get it done sooner or later. It is only a matter of time.

Oh, and by the way, I heard the high score in Rochester was 76 so far today with 4 rows and a bunch of randomly stacked tetras.
Can someone confirm that who is actually there?