Rock City Regional

We are getting ready for our 1st trip to Rock City, and wondering if anybody who has been there before can provide any additional or helpful information. Is there anything unique about venue? Any good places for mentors to go eat?

Looking forward to meeting some new teams and getting to reunite with some teams we got to know last year.

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The arena has some very cool memorabilia of the many concerts that have been held there over the years. It’s definitely worth a look.


We had a blast attending our first ever Arkansas Rock City Regional. We won our team’s first ever robot award and had unprecedented success captaining a finalist alliance. The venue was excellent and the people were great. I really enjoyed taking in the music memorabilia between matches.

Big congratulations are in order for the winning (all Louisiana) alliance of 3039, 2992, and 2080. It was thrilling to see 2080’s first ever regional win! Your alliance countered ours to perfection; which I think was made possible only by teams that have had such a long history competing together. We look forward to seeing y’all again at home in a couple of weeks. With 4 of 6 finals teams being from Louisiana, I am extremely proud of the level of play coming from our state, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Louisiana FRC in the future.

Thanks so much to our wonderful alliance partners 7767 and 4603. At our draft position, you were the exact teams we wanted to partner with. Without you both, I don’t think there would have been any other way to upset the juggernaut 1st seed alliance. You guys couldn’t have been more cooperative or more fun to compete with. We definitely look forward to seeing you in the future.

Finally, credit where credit is due: @JamesCH95 for the blueprint of an excellent hatch panel intake and to the 'Snow Problem Ri3D team for a HAB3 climber design that looks much simpler to implement than it is. You are both raising the level of competition in this sport.


Looks like you had a spectacular weekend! Great job, and thanks for the shout-out. We are tickled pink that you used our grabber!

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Breakaway wants to thank all the teams that came out to the 2019 Rock City Regional. I cannot say enough HUGE congrats to 3039, 2992, and 2080. My history with them goes WAY back, and it was great to see our friends win the Rock City Regional. Thank you to our alliance partners 5006 and 1982. It was a fun run and sometimes things just don’t go your way. Thanks for fighting and partnering with us.

I cannot say enough how blessed I am to work for such a great team, and I am so honored that the judges thought that we were worthy of the Chairman’s Award for Rock City. I am truly humbled. Thanks to all the key volunteers, judges, and others who helped to make this the best Rock City regional we have ever had!


@Breakaway3937 Thank you for loaning us a camera while we debugged our Limelight issues with FMS. Your Chairman’s Award is well deserved. You’re a model for us working in our community in years to come. We are looking forward to y’all coming down to Bayou!


Let me totally second that, with a searchlight!

This was my first FRC event as a volunteer (vs mentor).

  • Congrats of course to 3039 Wildcat Robotics, 2992 SS Prometheus, and 2080 Torbotics, all of whom I have had pleasure working with through the years (and all in the 985 area code, and all played Slidell High in football in 2018)!
  • Congrats to the chairman’s award winner 3937! Breakaway has always been a class act! I think I mentioned it at competition, but yours was the first inspection sticker I ever initialed. (I know you have a practice 'bot: get some drive practice against defense the next two weeks in prep for Bayou!)
  • Congrats to 3039 for EI award! I’ve been watching y’all close since being alliance partners in 2015, and you never cease to amaze!
  • 7459, Oh meu Deus, well done on Rookie Inspiration! It was an awesome privilege to help you through and finally sign off on your rookie inspection. It was great to be able to give you a few pointers, and your rookie robot makes me want to see what you can give down the line. That would have been wonderful, but then Rock City wanted me to queue you for matches and finally congratulate you as you came past the judges on Saturday and send you to the photo area!
    Congrats of course to:
    |Woodie Flowers Finalist Award |Victoria Cook (1939)|
    |Volunteer of the Year |Eric Specking|
    |FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award |Aasim Hawa (1939)|
    |FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award |Matt Naylor (5006)|
    And all three finalists, who punched World tickets as wildcards:
    !|4603|Leones Francés|(Leones Francés - Peñoles - Team 4603 (2019) - The Blue Alliance)|Wonderful working with them!
    !|7767|Rock City Robotics| |Probably the best rookie robot I’ve ever personally seen!
    |Regional Finalists|7767|Rock City Robotics|
    |Regional Finalists|4087|
    And in general, I just have to pull this in:
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We wished we could have been there! It was fun to watch! We look forward to seeing a lot of you guys at Bayou in a couple of weeks.

Cheer for us at Rocket City during week three.

Congrats to 3937 on the Chairman’s

3039 for the Win and EI, along with 2992 and 2080.

Clydefrog88, I hope you guys are getting ready for Champs.

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It was a great time in Little Rock for our first trip. Our team wants to thank all of the other teams that were there for their great hospitality. Our team’s decision to spend almost the whole weekend trying to get our triple climb going allowed us to interact with more teams than we ever dreamed. Special thanks to 7868 and 7702 for attempting to do a triple with us in a match. Hopefully we will get lined out by our next event.

We also want to thank the judges awarding us the Innovation in Control Award. We never expected to win any sort of awards and this was a true shock.

Also thanks to our alliance partners 3991 and 2164. It was a pleasure working with you and trying to knock off a great 2nd alliance team. We also want to congratulate 7767 for winning the high rookie seed. Your team was one of the smoothest cargo delivery bots at the event and you were a pleasure to work with.

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