my first Vex robot officially. Pretty cool. The end part is bad because YouTube lowered the quality, but it does a front flip and lands on all 4 wheels. check it out.
Vex Rockcrawler

Very cool…Nice work

New project-indepent suspension and a device to turn it back over if it flips.

Nice work

i did it
i moded it today. Put a servo on the front drive wheels and if it flips, i turn the servo and it rights itself up. Also the servo stiffens the suspension and give a little more control over how you want to go down a hill or up it. Its also makes it easier to turn.

That’s pretty cool and pretty unique. Definitely first VEX Rockcrawler I’ve seen. Very cool:cool:

Kudos on the bot. Were the wheels on the shaft directly out of the motor or was there some gearing there?

Awesome music too.

THATS SOOO COOOOL now i have i dire urge to break the VEX kit :smiley:

That is really cool, and you can see how well it works! Definitely want to make something like this with the 604 VEX kit. :cool:

What came first: the student or the mentor?

Its direct drive to the motor. I chose the music, tried to make it funny and cool. ahaha. Im glad to hear people want to make something like what i made. When i return the kit back to school tomorrow, my friend Dex and I are going to make it better. 4 wd and independent suspension and im hoping that i can make it like the tumbler, so if it falls it goes right back up. Just a hint, the radio antena is a pain in the but to mount sideways, so you may want to bend it, not crease it, but bend it under the battery mount so it can return when you take it apart, but will not get in the way if the robot tips over.

The student, because without an absence of knowledge, the mentor is useless.

i still dont get why this question was asked here. If you are refering that a mentor helped, nope. All student built in under an hour. we have one mentor for FRC and he just basically makes sure we dont kill oursleves. But student had to have come first.

Rockcrawler has been updated. We are finalizing the design, but its now 4 wheel drive with 4 motors and only knobby wheels. Independent suspension worked less effective than the suspension we had, so it will remain the same as it was. The new 4 wd now can go UP a stack of books about 4-5 with little trouble by grabing onton the lips of the pages and going up and over. I also looked at the Inventor Guide and redid the way we controll the robot, its in 4wd Arcade Mode or something like that, but the design is what matters most though. I think i spent a good hour and a half playing with the new design today in the robotics/physics classroom that robotics is in. Ill try and make a new video after AP exams next week.