Rocket City Regional 2019

Didn’t see a thread dedicated to this so I decided to start one.

I’m new to the area and can’t wait for the regional this week. What are you all excited for? Who’s gonna win? Who are the unexpected teams that are gonna pull something out? Why is RUSH here? How hard is RUSH going to smack us? And most of all; how many bots will fall over?


Fusion 364 is looking forward to a great event! Good luck teams!


First year mentoring at a team since I graduated high school back in 2013. I am excited to be apart of 3959 and excited to see how the first regional back at it goes! Good luck to my alum team as well 342!

See you guys soon!

We excited to be back at Rocket City again. Looks like it’s going to be a great competition with several 2nd event teams and a whole bunch of mysteries.

Hope we see lots of rocket rank points at Rocket City!


Super pumped to head down to huntsville and fill some rockets with everyone. See you all in a few days!

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Think our teams will run into each other on the way down?

Looking forward to playing Destination Deep Space with everyone. Safe travels to all of our out of town friends.

What are the dates and name of the off-season event held in Huntsville for this year. I remember it is August but do not remember the exact dates.

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