Rocket Ranking Point Question

I know a completed rocket gives 1 RP, but does completing both rockets give 2 RP?

No. There are 4rp available. 2 for a win, 1 for a complete rocket, and 1 for 15 points worth of HAB score.

Did you ever read the manual? I suggest that before posting on here.


It indeed is in there, it was also discussed in the chat interaction they did after the game reveal. Even though the answer could be found elsewhere, forums like this are intended to either speed that process up, or help out if you can’t find it yourself because you might have missed it. I have to say that your reaction, although understandable, came across quite harsh to me. Please keep in mind that we are all trying to build the best robot we can. I believe that if someone has a question it has the right to be answered, no matter how easy the solution can be found on your own.


No point in posting on here if the answer can easily be found in the manual though… I do agree that this forum is extremely helpful but if we have people posting questions like this, it creates lots of unnecessary posts.


I don’t think there is any need to discourage people from asking questions. While it could have been found in the manual, I feel that there is no harm in asking on this form. And their is certainly no need to strike down people trying to ask questions. Plus, did this one topic really inconvenience you that much? It seems as though you have spent more time replying to this than it would have taken to simply disregard it, or just answer the question. :man_shrugging:


your post has now created a lot of unnecessary posts including this one that I am currently posting. so thank you for adding to the chaos and for your trolling smart mouth response to a valid question from a 6,000 number team.


So you’re gonna call me out on creating unnecessary posts to which you’re contributing… Smart


I’m not concerned about this being an “unnecessary post,” i’m concerned about you being unnecessarily rude to people asking reasonable questions. Their is no need to act as though we are children, I suggest you just drop it and move on.

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Clearly some people agreed with me so my point stands. Read the manual.


Okay, let’s take a breather.


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