Rocket strategy specifics

Hey! I’m wondering if the rule allows a robot to shoot a ball from the sides of the rockets(where you usually put hatches)?

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There aren’t a lot of rules in the manual regarding cargo and how you can shoot it. Do you see anything that would prevent you from doing that?

I was wondering this also. It just seems like the easy solution, but maybe there just isn’t an optimal amount of space in the rocket to make it work right.

My understanding is that there is no rules keeping you from shooting the ball though the hatch, but I can’t find a specific evidence.

Are you thinking of putting a hatch panel on, then shooting cargo in from the opposite side? Otherwise the cargo would simply fall out.

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I haven’t see any, and thats why I’m asking in the forum.

Exactly, and I do understand that this may seem unimportant but it will add new variables to scouting data. I also think that it may influence design process and or strategy as well: I can picture a situation where there is one hatch on a certain level and robot A is holding a cargo waiting for robot B to put the hatch on, then robot B malfunctions. Instead of dropping the cargo, pick up a hatch, put it on, then find a cargo again, it seems to me that it is more efficient to shoot the ball in first (if capable), then do the rest.

This seems like a really good question for the Q&A.


and what holds the cargo in while you go find a hatch?

The rocket bays have a slanted floor. The cargo will not stay in place without a hatch being placed first.

The idea is to go in through an open hatch. over the slant to the other side which has a hatch on it.

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Why? Is there a rule that needs clarification? If so what is it? The only limitations on moving Cargo that I found are 1: don’t go outside the field and use it to contact something, and 2: don’t corral them in front of your opponent’s Loading Stations.

You’re lucky that you have this freedom to place game pieces with little rules limiting you. FTC this year has a LOT of restrictions on scoring, so don’t

I said it would be good for the Q&A because I would rather get an official ruling on this than get penalized for it by surprise and then argue with the refs over it.

Also no need to be salty, I’m not the GDC, I didn’t decide how placing game pieces/scoring happens in FTC/FRC.

There is no rule against it. They even said so during kickoff if you were watching after the animation.

However, I don’t know if you’ve tried to do this by hand, but it is very hard. Trying to punch the cargo over the angle ramps in the bays was almost impossible.

Good luck if you want to go that route.