I hate to go ahead and put this on here since the site isn’t 100% complete, but I would like some feedback before the deadline.

Here is the new 2010 Team 34 website. It is about 75% complete done, but will be completely finished in 4 days. Got a few all day and nighters left.

Any feedback and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. If you have multiple browsers and enough time, please view it in them.


Nothing at all? :confused:


I like the clean lay out. I see that it is still not complete, but what I see is good. It’s much better than what we have - nothing. I can never get our guys to get it ready for submission.

I like the tab lay out. The navigation is easy to use. Lots of good info. Love the members tab, with individual info on each member.

I will be showing our guys this site as an example of what a good one should look like.