ROIdroid will not set up on 2019 RoboRIO

We’re looking to get our modified Cheesy Poofs’ vision code from 2017 to work for this year. We downloaded RIOdroid from as we had done back in 2017. However, we’re running into an issue that I can find no solution on Google. When these two commands run from the file:
opkg install libwrap0_7.6-r10.3_armv7a-vfp-neon.ipk
opkg install socat_1.7.2.1-r0_armv7a-vfp-neon.ipk

they both give the same error saying:
Problem: Package does not have a compatible architecture.
Solution: Do not ask to install this package.

As comedic as the error message was, it gave us no way to install the RIOdroid, which is crucial if we are going to get the CheesyPoof’s Android Vision app to work. Have any other teams come up with any solutions?

More likely than not the packages haven’t been updated/recompiled for the 2019 image, which has a different architecture (name) as well as an updated compiler and system libraries. Someone will need to rebuild the packages for this year’s image.