Role of Analyst

So what are your guys’ thoughts of the new human player position? Is he/she like a coach for the entire alliance? Just curious to see what other people think or how you plan to go about it at competitions (what team gets feeders/who gets analyst).

My personal instinct would be to use the analyst as a communication facilitator/strategy overseer to convey information quickly to each alliance, like a quarterback calling audibles.

My original thought is that the analyst will help the other human players know what game piece they should give to the robots.

I’m not very fond of it. Matches require quick thinking and quick action, deliberation and comprimise can turn into time wasters, adding another coach can just worsen these things. I feel like on the field I would rather just utilize the analyst as another set of eyes, tell them to look for certain things and let you know when someones going to go to score a tube or a minibot.

like running back and forth with messages between alliances? Changing strategy if something happens or adapting to different situations? I think the job will prove very interesting!

But aren’t the human players on the other end of the field?

The analyst is almost like a secondary coach for the alliance.

A possible role for them is to focus on communication with the feeder in terms of informing them of which piece to feed next, etc.

It’s questionable whether feeders/analysts can bring like, signs with them… but there’s also hand signals, and of course, FLASHY ROBOT LIGHTS! (if you have the expenses to get fancy!)

…not to mention it’d be a REAL dance party. trololo.

Yeah I guess there will have to be hand signals or something but I can not really think of any other reason for them.

Too many coaches dilute the strategy.

Sometimes. Although, an extra set of eyes doesn’t hurt.

Three coaches should be more than enough.
You only get two minutes to do what you gotta do so you need to be decisive and precise. One coach on the alliance should be the one making the final strategy decisions and the other two should be doing their part. Human Players should stick to delivering the good and nothing more.
You get too many people talking and it just becomes noise.

It’s the question of “What do we do with the third Human Player”. If you are scoring on the second stage pegs, you will be reducing your vision. Might be nice to have another set of eyes.

Because your way to run an alliance is the best? :wink:

Because a human player on our alliance told his driver to go get in the red zone where we playing defense in the finals of our regional. They flipped over and got us a red card and cost us a match.
Human players should not be making decisions. Coaches should be making decisions.

What’s so sacred about the coaching position? If an analyst or human player is trained effectively and ready to make decisions, let them make decisions. Sounds to me it was just a case of that human player not being prepared properly to make that call, not an indictment of all human players’ decision making abilities.

One thought is that the Analyst is on the same side of the field with the rest of the alliance, whereas the Feeders are on the opposite end. The analyst could thus provide communication between drivers and feeders. Without communication, the feeders will have to just guess which type of tube to feed, etc.

I just think they needed something for the 3rd human player to do so they gave them a special title. In nearly all cases, I would put the ‘best/brightest/most experienced’ human players on the job of distributing the game pieces on the field. Having a human player that is smart enough to know when and which peice to through out will be critical.

Well, the feeders CAN see what shapes are up on their pegs, and make a conclusion with that.

I think it will be more important for the 2 human players to communicate what each other is putting out!

I think the sad truth about this position is that the person will often be ignored by the other teams on the alliance unless an understanding is reached before the match begins.

Ex: A rookie team’s human player has the position. They’re going to have a hard time telling the big powerhouse team to do something different from what they already are. The truth of it is that the older veteran team probably knows best, and is already doing it. What does the Analyst do then?

Your alliance should have your entire game stratigy worked out before the match anyways. You should never be figuring out what to do while your suppost to be doing it.

However, as long as teams cooperate and come to an understanding before the match, I think the role has some promise (and importance).

Yea. Your alliance will want to discuss the use of hand signs to signal what kind of tube the feeders need to pass out.

Maybe like, holding a fist up in the air is a Circle. Holding a flat hand upward would be a square and two hands up making a triangle would be a triangle.