Roll Call: Who has video of their robot scoring?

Two days left…who has a working robot? Ours is getting close.

I didn’t get video of the hang, but here’s a picture.

Here’s one of our practice robot in the finals of Suffield Shakedown (the video is kinda choppy)

Edit: Looks like Paragon got some nice footage :smiley:

Here is a video of our robot shooting full court from the feeding station. We set up a feed system that allows us to stay locked on target and still have the hopper fed from the wall. Bounce back has been a problem with our high powered shooter, hope the back of the real goals has less bounce than the plywood back of these goals.


I posted this in it’s own thread last night, but liked this new “collection” of videos, so here’s ours in a simulated “autonomous”. We shot a bit from this same position in teleop mode, but we had not yet tweaked the details of the teleop program, so the shooter wheel was not spinning at full power and we were only hitting at about 75%.

The Practice Bot Test Drive.
Several cautiously assisted and belayed video of the robot climbing in the week 6 folder of out Photobucket album.

Here’s the latest video of our climb (it will go all the way up, this was just a little more proof of concept)
And a little video of a shooter prototype we’ve been working on as a bonus

A lot of systems have come together in the last 48 hours. We had a bunch of things that worked, but none mounted in a final finished form up until now.

4 for 4 at our autonomous lineup position. Shortly after this we moved a bolt on the robot that was hitting the frisbees and causing them to veer to the right slightly. It now shoots straight so that we can press flat against the lowest bar on the back of the pyramid to line up and went 14/14 at the same spot.

You can see the hanging mechanism in this photo, we have videos of the old plywood version working but not the new lexan version:

Should get some better footage tomorrow of the whole bot, I’m hoping we’re practicing the entire day.

3735’s bot! The final time between shots will be much lower at competition (it’s only that slow right now because our sensor on the elevator is being setup still). We can also pick up off the ground. The “ears” also start down and are spring loaded so we can do a 10 pt hang.

Matches from Team 692’s Practice Day today are up on our

Here’s our robot :slight_smile:

Here’s a video of our prototype shooter. The one on our robot is pretty much the same (though with better fabrication).

Our first ever shot. We should have more video in the next few days. More pictures and prototype video on our blog.